"Can't thank you enough, Melissa, for all you've taught my daughter! As she's driving, she explains all you have taught her while she's doing it. Concrete, dependable skills, not just gut feeling. That's a whole lot more than I was taught in DE. She so enjoyed this class. First thing she said when she plopped into our car with relief that she had passed your driving test was "I'm going to miss her". We're going to sing your praises to anyone who needs DE."

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"My daughter is currently attending Cow Tales Driver Education. I have to say that I am very impressed!  We love that she focuses on each student's individual needs and works with students to make sure they are all progressing.  My daughter has been learning a lot and of course sharing (correcting my) skills​.  She often comments about the class and how it went when she gets home from class. She loves attending!"

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Cow Tales Driver Education

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