Cow Tales Driver Education

Who is Melissa Manson?

I started my teaching career by homeschooling my own 2 children. Once they went off to high school, I decided to fill my life with teenagers. I love being the calm in their storm.


What is your teaching style?

We do it in the classroom before we do it in the car. I try to get everyone to share stories because we can all learn from one another. I use a variety of tools including talk, power point and little cars.


What’s required to pass?

You have to attend at least 30 hours of classroom time and achieve at least an 80%. You have to complete 6 hours behind the wheel and pass a 30-minute skills test. You have to complete 6 hours as a back seat observer.


What kind of car do we drive?

2023 Camry – automatic with good adjustability for lots of people.


What’s the learning environment in the car?

My car is always a place where it’s ok to make mistakes. We learn just as much from catching ourselves doing something wrong as doing it right. You’ll be focused on getting it right, once you know what right looks like.


Where do we drive?

We drive in rural and city areas around Franklin County and then Burlington.


Are you serious?

I’m 100% serious about making you a lifelong safe driver but I’m pretty laid back.


Do we get to watch movies?

Yes. It seems that those messages stick, which is my ultimate goal. The movies I show are usually gut wrenching rather than gory.


What are we going to learn?

My primary goal is to teach people how to interact safely with other cars and drivers. Driving is primarily a social task. We have to learn how to talk to each other.


Have you ever had someone who was such a bad driver that you wouldn’t drive with him or her?

Never. Everyone learns at a different rate. Everyone’s driving changes by the time I’m done!