Cow Tales Driver Education

  • At your next street/intersection turn right
  • At your next street/intersection turn left
  • Set parking brake, put in gear, accelerate to see if it is holding
  • Go straight
  • Parallel park 
  • When safe, proceed 
  • On hill, do hill start 
  • Turn around in the next intersection 
  • Slow down 
  • Pull over
  • Set parking/emergency brake 
  • Release parking/emergency brake
  • STOP
  • Merge left 
  • Merge right
  • Back up
  • Pull forward 
  • Start vehicle 
  • When safe, please get in the other lane

Road Test Vocab Checklist 

We encourage all our students to use the DMV Interactive Tutorial to study for their permit test. Students who use this tutorial have improved their first time pass rates by over 70 percent.   

For my Nepali Students 

Permit Test Help 

Drive Test Maneuvers

For a legal Vermont turn around

Turn and look
Stop within 18” of the curb
Put into reverse turn and look 360 degrees to make sure there are no cars
Back up until see edge of pavement in back window,
When you can see the edge of the pavement in back window start to turn, turning the wheel all the way, looking where you are going
Keep turning until you are straight and straighten the wheel, looking where you are going and looking straight ahead, stop
Put in drive, signal, look and go.

For stopping on a hill

Turn and look
Stop at the right side limit
Turn the wheels towards the road
Set the parking break
Put car in neutral
Turn and look, signal
Put car in drive
Little gas, release parking break

For parallel parking

Signal and look
Go until you are lined up rear bumper to rear bumper with the vehicle you are going to park behind - Tail light in the triangle window (back of back door window if you sit close to the wheel)

Do a 360 degree search to make sure it’s safe to move
Put the car in reverse and turn the wheel all the way to the right
Go until the tail light is in the middle of the back door
Straighten the wheel and look where you are going and back until the tail light of the car in front is visible at the right side edge of the windshield.  Stop
Turn the wheel completely to the left look where you are going and go until you can see your headlights evenly in the car in front. When the car is straight set the parking brake and put the car in park.
Signal and look, exit the space.